I love nature

For me, in being clear and creative in my thoughts, I love nature, flowers, birds, bees, simple things in life.  In a busy and sometimes overloaded world of information, to step outside and just stop and look at nature.

For many it may be a walk along the beach or the seaside, and for me it’s my garden where I find the routine of the seasons which make me feel that a moment’s peace helps get the balance back.

My yard is nothing special, but we’ve stripped it back and replanted it with native plants to bring more birds into the garden.  I had a great interest in roses, but that changed when I realised how they don’t attract the local native bird life.

Because we have cats, which are confined to the back yard (except the mongrel Larry who manages to get out of our expensive cat proof fencing) we have a garden that is very neutral, and the neighbours chooks who visit us daily (through a hole we’ve cut in the fence) leaves our back yard somewhat void of birds.  However, the front yard and the small garden area in front of the kitchen have proved to be a place where birds visit several times a day.

Whether I’m busy with current work, or even thinking of a problem that needs solving, when I go and put the kettle on, I’m often treated to the birds that visit the bird bath, and the honey eaters visiting the grevilleas we have planted.

When I stop and take the time to look at the patterns and rhythm of nature, it doesn’t give me a sense of awesomeness, punch your fists in the air success – it simply gives me a piece of quiet.  

Often to get more we need to stop and let the answers catch up to us.

I suggest for anyone who feels that their thoughts are going round in circles, they can’t get the clarity, they are close to finding the answers they are looking for on a particular project, just stop for a while. 

Take yourself to a place with a garden, whether it’s a park, or a walk around the block, somewhere where you can look at the very simple, yet beautiful things in life and let the answers come to you.

It’s virtually impossible when connected to technology to find the peace and solitude the mind needs at times to sharpen the goals and outcomes you’re looking for.