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The Demise of the Department Store

Today I set myself a task.  I love writing, although my blogs and lack lustre efforts could make you wonder, but behind the scenes, my life is full of ideas shared on paper.

I've loved writing for years, it's one of the things that I feel helps take thoughts and bring them to life and often I feel the physical part of writing is more significant in results than the keyboard.

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Anyone For Tea?

The value of a cup of tea

Sometimes, if I had my way, I'd be sipping a hot cup of Madura English Breakfast tea, not the tea bags, but the real tea, the loose tea you put by the spoonful into the pot and let sit for a few minutes to steep.

My cup would be my favourite double walled glass cup, the ones we see everywhere now, but well before it was fashionable, I was sipping my cups of tea from them.

Of course I'd be sitting in a comfortable chair, on my verandah, shaded from the harsh sun, but still warm enough to enjoy shutting my eyes for a moment and thinking, letting my mind wander and occasionally, opening up an eye to see if I can spot that bird I hear every day, but eludes me because there are so many beautiful plants to hide. 

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Food For Thought, Egg Only Pancakes

2015 started of with alot of thinking for me.  Actually most days do but this time I have decided to surround myself with people who are good for me and in a short month it's proving to be successful.

So much so that I really decided that I'd take some advice from my daughter who has Lymes Disease (although in Australia we don't accept that it exists, blood tests from the US state differently) but that's another day.

For as long as I've known my daughter and her ways of eating, I have to say she's imaginative, and a very good advocate for clean living when it comes to what you put in your mouth to digest.

For a long time I've tried to be a consistently good eater, although sometimes my weight may infer something else, and I remember back to when my kids were small and how I fed them, but today, the choices that are presented to us in marketing, media and shopping, give me doubt now that good food is possible unless you make it yourself.

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DNNCMS Stable, Reliable, Upgradeable

It's true, we built awesome new sites using DNN and we've been known to fix the sad, broken, underperforming ones too.

My work is consumed these days with fixing up broken sites, most of them are DNN ones, and the work consists of advising clients on how to get the most out of their DNN website when it's been built sadly and badly.

It doesn't matter the technology.  I'm convinced whether it's WordPress, DNN, Drupal or other systems that allow users to self manage the content, it can be a complete disaster if you don't know what your'e doing or why you're doing it.

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A talk with a friend who owns a newsagent

I think a lot, sometimes way too much.

I think about people, life, problems, solutions, fixes, helping, and in general what I can do to make a difference.   I have this moral compass which sort of points me in things that naturally feel right, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations where decisions have to be made that make me feel compromised.  That's where the procrastination comes in.  I can't honestly do something which I know might have an adverse effect on something I stand for or believe in.

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Practice What We Preach

Oh my, it's so easy as a strategist to tell clients what they need to do when it comes to keeping their business well listed with Google and Social Media.

I'm not really one to experiment with customers and over the years, have really worked hard on 'walking the talk' and testing, trialling, experimenting on my own sites and seeing what the results were.

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Which Shopping Cart Software?

Well that was a couple of long weeks whereby we had to change our decision on which shopping cart products to do some sample stores on and now we’ve made our choices we’re looking forward to bringing you some ‘apples for apples’ shopping cart comparisons. We're slecting both Linux and Windows version of eCommerce, with only one having a CMS attached because that's one we're quite familiar with, and our focus is on ecommerce at this stage.

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The eCommerce Maze

Yep, I'm a tech expert and I shake my head in wonderment.. is that a real word?  I'm making it mine today, and I want to personally say congratulations if you are a successful online store owner, who didn't get discouraged, confused, frustrated and built your store once, because I'm betting that if you've gone out on your own, you've tried a few.

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Why does eCommerce seem so confusing?

I'll tell you why guys - it is.. And I feel that I can qualify as an expert in eCommerce, having had software that was so far ahead of the pack in 2000 we ended up retiring it because we spent so much time explaining what ecommerce was. .. Note to self, that marketing book that said don't be more than 2 years ahead of where the market is at.. where you were in 1999 when the software was written.

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Getty Images allows free use of images...

With a twist of course, but, there is now opportunities for those who don't have great images stock for their blogs, or are looking for images to use on Twitter, to embed in their images such as I've  listed below here -

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